Pat & Graeme Matheson


Dear Residents
We write to thank you for your support during my stay in hospital while having my knees replaced. Also your immediate response to my ‘medical emergency’ during your BBQ lunch on Sunday.
We can acknowledge those who visited me in hospital, who sent cards, phoned to check progress and pass on best wishes and who have visited me here at home and do thank you all for your acts of love and concern. However we have no idea of all the names of those who rushed to help Pat in her ‘hour of need’ on Sunday afternoon. Your response was fantastic and I am sorry but I was not in a position to register your names!! This event demonstrated the wealth of expertise and knowledge that exists within our Club residents and their willingness to put those skills into practice.
This whole experience has also demonstrated the ‘heart and community’ that has developed within our resident population. …
Words alone cannot express our thanks and gratitude to you all but we will not forget your support and kindness. We thank you all so very very much.”
With our love and kindest regards,

Pat and Graeme


Geraldine & Mick McLean


“Life at Bethlehem Shores is to be recommended – why you might ask?
Firstly there is the preparatory stages when you are ably assisted through the purchase, and all the choices and options available by a very efficient, empathetic sales team. They form a large part of your introduction to Bethlehem Shores and for us we felt they identified with our requirements and were made to feel welcome throughout these initial processes.
Part of our “family” is a much loved Labrador therefore one of our first questions – what is your policy on animals and how big please? Non replacement was the professional reply – “could have problems with an elephant”was the added quip. And that was the point at which I thought – “this will be good.”
Our home is of a very high standard which as an ex builder Mick appreciates and with added outdoor roofing area and the multiple glass sliders we are able to enjoy wonderful indoor, outdoor flow which we love. Guests who stay enjoy their separate facilities and are envious of our “lovely” home.
The village is evolving and forming a community of residents who are concerned for the well being of others. Various clubs and activities are establishing and all ideas are readily welcomed. We now have a temporary Club House that management have co-operated in fitting out to our requirements. This contains a pool table, darts, library, meeting/craft room plus large indoor outdoor flow for well attended Happy Hours etc.
Two very happy years have sped by and one can only look forward to many more.”

Geraldine and Mick

June & Bill Nairne


“As residents in the early stages of the Bethlehem Country Club we feel grateful to Fraser and his team in the design of this special resort style complex and in recognizing the need for independent homes within a secure environment.
We certainly feel we have chosen our move wisely!
A huge decision at the time but not one we feel we will ever regret.”

June and Bill


Lilian & Len Wakefield


“With the locality, quality housing and great facilities, together with the active social life at Bethlehem Country Club among so many like minded people, we feel that we could not have made a better retirement decision.”

Lilian and Len


Ross Gemmell


“Bethlehem Shores is a great place to enjoy your retirement years. Why I choose to live here was that it is different from any other village being that we have a freedom in working with management and staff who are friendly and have our interest at heart. Being a family owned company it’s not like a corporate owned Village where rules and regulations come first,
With a new concept in village design on the harbour shores and high quality homes designed for individual living makes this is a unique retirement not seen in NZ before. The friendly nature of the residents has lead to working together as a community , sharing our lives plus activities that are continually on developing with interest in social , sporting, arts , outings yet the village layout offers privacy as if living in your own home.
With the magnificent Community club house being build this year with will facilities not seen in other villages makes this a vibrant and friendly place to live. Friendships and with our neighbour BCC village just 500m up the road has been great for both villages in sharing ideas and activities for all to enjoy.
Both Bethlehem and BCC being located just down the road from The Bethlehem Township is a add bonus for shopping making it a truly easy live style to live out your retirement years in true quality and tranquillity.”

Ross Gemmell


Merv & Berny Hunger


“Whenever we have bought property during our lives the number one consideration for us has always been location, and the location of the Bethlehem Country Club is superb because of its proximity to a very good shopping centre, walkways, churches, doctors, which are all within easy, flat walking distance of our lovely homes and gardens.
The other things we like include the residents here who are like our extended family, and the staff who are all so friendly.
We own a motor home which we call “The Highlight of our Twilight” and we can say now after living here for 2 1/2 years that we have added another highlight to our lives which is the Bethlehem Country Club.”

Merv and Berny


Ron & Betty Allen


When Betty and I retired, we spent some time deciding where, out of Auckland, to live. We thought Omokoroa was it, and looked at some properties, before being introduced to the Country Estate, where we immediately felt ‘at home’.
Having looked at, and discounting, other retirement complexes, we felt this was different.
We have lived here for 12 years now, and can honestly say we have not regretted it.
All the amenities, gardens, social life, the relaxed atmosphere, security, and caring management make a great lifestyle, one to which I would recommend anyone to consider.”

Ron and Betty