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Our Personal Commitment to You


Village outgoings payment guarantee
We will not adjust the village outgoings payment by more than the CPI (consumer price index) each year, regardless of any changes to the operating costs of the village.*

This gives you certainty about your living costs.

Village contribution capped
Our village contribution fee will be capped at 30% of the entry fee.

This will allow you to move to another home within the village without incurring an additional village contribution fee.

No capital loss
We guarantee that the amount repaid to you will not be affected by a decline in the value of your occupation right for the home.*

This gives you certainty that you will not be exposed to any capital loss on re sale of your occupation right for the home, regardless of the state of the housing market at the time.

Natural disaster guarantee
In the unlikely event that we could not rebuild the home you occupy following destruction of the home, we will pay back your entry payment with no deduction of village contribution.

This gives you certainty that you can move on following a natural disaster.

No hidden costs
There are no hidden costs when we on sell your occupation right for the home.

We will provide FREE of charge the services required to on sell your occupation right for the home, ie sales, administration, marketing and refurbishment (except where there is more than fair wear and tear to the home).

Continuity of care
We guarantee that you will be granted priority access to any Sanderson Group care facility if you so choose.

You and your family can have peace of mind knowing you may access a higher level of care through a Sanderson Group care facility should you require it.

Changing your mind
Should you change your mind within 15 working days of signing your occupation right agreement, then we will cancel the agreement and refund your deposit in full.

This gives you the opportunity to change your mind if your circumstances change and you decide it is better if you do not proceed.

Money back guarantee
If you are unhappy with your decision to move into your new home and after a period of 6 months you wish to leave the village then we will resell your home and repay your entry payment in full.*

(Some conditions apply )

You will have peace of mind knowing how confident we are that you will be more than happy with your decision to move into one of our villages.

* Does not apply to Omokoroa Country Estate.